Chavan Services

Your Bridgehead in Germany for successful implementation of offshore IT and Engineering Services

Offshore Projects with German Contract Management

Chavan Services offer you complete service and support for the implementation of your IT and engineering projects in India. You define your projects and we take care of their implementation in India as well as onsite on time and in budget. We do this through our offshore partner in our network of excellent specialists and companies in India.

We, Chavan Services GmbH, are your contract partners. You profit from the advantages of offshore IT services and at the same time enjoy the security of German contract terms as well as the communication routes. This is your secure bridge to the advantages of offshoring. In addition, we are well conversant with German as well as Indian business practices.

Successful project implementation through excellent Intercultural Management

Experience shows that an important success factor in offshore projects is the bridging of cultural differences between customers in Germany and the software teams in India. Things which are normal to someone could be interpreted as an affront by others. We at Chavan Services use our intercultural management skills to build a Bridge of Understanding between cultures and guarantee successful project implementation.