Finite Element Analyse (FEM)

For Numerical Solution of Complex problems in Structural Mechanics

The Finite Element Analysis is a Powerful Tool developed for Numerical Solution of Complex problems in Structural Mechanics.

In the FEM the structural system is modeled by a set of appropriate finite elements interconnected at points called Nodes. These elements have physical properties such as thickness, Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion, Denisty, Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus and Poisson’s ratio.

Process Methodology:

3D Modeling

With the ever increasing Knowledge in physics , simulation is now widely accepted as a way of testing the product before a physical prototype is made. The availability of simulation softwares like Ansys. Nastran has accelerated virtual testing, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of the products thereby decreasing the cost of the product and the lead time.

We have successfully used simulation process speed up the design to manufacture lead time of products, Optimizing the existing products by improving the performance, reducing the cost and scaling down the fabrication and erection time .

Business Value

  • Reduced Lead time for Product Development
  • Increased product performance and reliability
  • Better optimization of the product there by reducing the Per product Cost and increasing the profitability for the customer