Your Virtual Software Company

Our Partnership Offer for Software Companies

Software companies very often need to decide between Freelancers and new people on their payroll for their project planning. Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. We offer a very interesting alternative which combines the strengths of both solutions - Our Virtual Software Company concept for you.

Your Virtual Software Company

  • We sign an agreement to provide a certain number of skilled specialists for your projects. These specialists can be deployed by you as and when they are required in the project phases. The pricing is fixed for one year.

  • These specialists can be viewed as your own team

  • You decide which parts of your projects will be handled by these specialists

  • Based on your project plan, you integrate these specialists in your development schedule

  • You pay on Time and Material basis

Your Advantages

  • Access to qualified and skilled personnel
  • Additional recruitment not required
  • Work with well-rehearsed teams with various skills
  • Avoid cultural and language barriers through Intercultural Management from Chavan Services onsite