Quality Management

Quality is top priority

The cost advantage through offshore software services can only be an advantage if the quality is right. And that is our top priority: Quality.

We are satisfied when everything works to your full satisfaction. Our motto is: On Time and In Budget. Thus our understanding of quality can be expressed in three areas:

1. Factor Product Quality

The processes and Methodology of our partner in India have been certified for ISO 9001 and CMM Level 5. This guarantees a high level of quality and performance. The Quality Assurance Process enables a high product quality.

2. Quality Factor: Punctuality

We promise delivery on time. The delivery plan is always part of our contract. Project plans are very carefully controlled and adhered to. This assumes a very careful initial planning and detailed specifications of your requirements which are finalized together with your team before we start implementation.

3. Quality Factor: Price Stability

We work on a fixed price basis. Thus the cost for your Offshore Services always remain calculable. The basis for this is the same as for the Quality Factor Punktuality: detailed specification of your requirements.